• [09/2021] Congratulations to Dr Xiaofeng Li starting as a postdoc at the University of Toronto.
  • [09/2021] Huanyu Wu, Hui Yang, and Yu Wang join the Rock Lab. Welcome!
  • [08/2021] Dr Zhao and Dr Guo give talks at ARMA UToronto Student Chapter.
  • [05/2021] The Research Centre for Deep Space Explorations (深空探測研究中心) has been established. The Rock Lab is a proud member of the research centre. Let's advance space science and exploration with Space Rock Mechanics!
  • [05/2021] Dr. Xiaofeng Li joined the Rock Lab as a Postdoc.
  • [04/2021] NEW OPPORTUNITIES! (1) PolyU Presidential PhD Fellowship Scheme , (2) CEE studentship.
  • [03/2021] Jie Luo started her laboratory experiments in the Rock Lab.
  • [02/2021] Guanglei Cai joined the Rock Lab as a Research Assistant.
  • [02/2021] Dr. Tianyang Guo joined the Rock Lab as a Research Associate (Postdoc).
  • [12/2020] Dr. Qi Zhao's PhD dissertation has been selected by the American Rock Mechanics Association (ARMA) as a 2020 winner of the Dr. N.G.W. Cook Ph.D. Dissertation Award.
  • [12/2020] We propose a machine learning based approach to estimate relative arrival time of acoustic emissions on a laboratory fault without forward modelling. See more details in the AGU 2020 Poster.

  • Dr. Qi Zhao (赵奇, 趙奇)

    Assistant Professor
    (PolyU & University of Toronto)


    Rock Lab @ PolyU

    PhD fellowship & International opportunities:

    Hong Kong PhD fellowship (HKPFS)
    Visiting: Research Student Attachment Programme
    International exchange program with U of T

    Undergraduate research/intern opportunities

    Research topics

    • In situ and operando experiments under CT
    • Hybrid finite-discrete element method (FDEM)
    • Non-destructive testing and characterization methods (CT, acoustic emission, and ultrasonic tomography)
    • Fault/joint surface roughness and frictional behavior